Affordable Cash Registers & Scales

Suncoast Point of Sale ( formally Cash Registers & Scales ) has been servicing the Sunshine Coast region of Queensland for the past 15 years. With 38 years industry experience, we understand the need of quick response to our valued customers.

Suncoast Point of Sale has been built and grown from good old fashioned service,
in an era of the modern technology it supplies.

A leading supplier of specialised Touch Screen PC's that you cannot purchase in  consumer based outlets, we are able to offer you the right equipment for your business.

Add to this, our Point of Sale software, and we will train you in the programming and operation of this.

Casio Cash Registers, purchased through us, will be set up to the individuals requirement. We understand this needs to be part of the service offered to you.

We don't just sell boxes, we sell systems and service to get your business operating more efficiently.



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You need to measure the volume and weight of your products before moving them on to the retailer or customer and we have the products to help get them there. From retail to medical supplies we have a range of weigh scales and equipment, including:

  • Medical scales
  • Floor scales
  • Retail scales
  • Bench Top scales
  • Other weight scales
  • and more

Meet our experts

custom cash register

The trusted experts at Suncoast Point of Sale are reliable and highly skilled in all technical aspects of Point of Sale Systems, ECR's, Scales and Weighing equipment.

With years of experience in weighing and measuring materials in the industrial and commercial sectors we have the tailor-made solutions and in-depth knowledge to get you on your way.

From companies big or small, regardless of industry type, we are here to lend a helping hand.